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Best actresses over 50

by Administrator 17-11-2016
The most awesome actresses over 50

A few days ago, having a coffee with several of the models of our agency of luxury escorts in Barcelona, ​​we were watching a report of Sharon Stone. We were amazing of how beauty she looks and how she is physically for being over 50 years old. But, the truth is that not only she has this luck. A lot of actresses take care of themselves in a way that they can be over 50 and still look as if they were over 30. Our models have selected the best women over 50. Do you want to believe that all these actresses are over 50 years old?

Sharon Stone: the best according to our luxury escorts in Barcelona.

Sharon Stone has been and will always be an icon of beauty for life and for all the time. The truth is that there are few women who look incredible as she does. All this is due to the care that she takes about herself and the time she dedicates to look this way.

Sarah Jessica Parker: model for all ages

It is incredible how well Sarah Jessica Parker looks today. She is a beautiful woman, with marked and unique features that do not go unnoticed at any time.

Sandra Bullock: the favorite

Sandra Bullock is one of our favorites and it is because this woman has everything she needs to succeed wherever she goes. In fact, we have seen her in a lot of different roles, but in all of them, she has earned the hearts of her fans. A complete woman in every respect.

Mary-Louise Parker: action or romance

Do you believe she is 50 or older? Well, it's not clear as she looks now. And is that Mary-Louise Parker does not seem that age at all. She is a woman who knows how to combine seduction with fun. A great woman many would like to have.

Kelly Preston: amazing eyes

Kelly Preston is one of the great women who know how to take care of herself and she has proved it always. Her eyes, however, are the most outstanding of her; and, the truth is, they do not seem to be over 50.

Diane Lane: always young

Diane Lane is not that she's over 50, she's a woman for who time does not go by. We do not know if she is one of these actresses who takes care constantly of herself, but the truth is that she looks phenomenal.

And talking about them, some of our luxury escorts in Barcelona have given us some advice for those who want to look like them. We tell you:

  • Take care of your face: Caring for the face is of the most important, because the truth is that it is the first thing people see.  It emphasizes a lot, so if we can take care of it with the right creams, we already a lot won.
  • Be careful with your weight: over the years, some women can gain weight easily and this is something we must keep in mind. Having a good diet, varied and balanced, consume the right portions and drink lots of water is essential.
  • Do not abuse the creams: the creams that are sold do not usually bring the expected results, so you should not abuse them. According to our beautiful luxury companion, Nicky, it is better to use only one cream, but only if that is high quality. In the same way, Alba assures us that the solution is not to go through the operating room. If we want to keep our essence, this option is not the best.

As you can see, our beautiful models of our agency of luxury escorts in Barcelona ​​have very clear the steps to follow. If you want to be able to look like them and get more of your beauty after the 50's, do not hesitate to pay attention to the advice that our escort agency professionals in Barcelona have given you.

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