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5 foods for a better sexual life

by Administrator 13-10-2016
5 foods to improve sexual life

Finding a balanced diet is not only something we will do us well to have more energy and feel good when working and keep up to date with our responsibilities, but it can also improve a lot our sex life. In fact, according to one of our luxury escorts in Barcelona, men and women who are more active in sex and enjoy it most are those who take care of their diet.

The 5 best foods

According to the professionals of our escort agencies in Barcelona, the best food to improve the quality of our sex life are those listed below:  

-          Cereals: cereals have a huge amount of energy that will allow us to revitalize and to recover the energy we lose during the day. Besides, they help improving the nervous system, which is of the most important when it comes to have more pleasure during sex.  

-          Honey and pollen: besides being of the most suitable for Winter months and when we are more stressed out for work, honey and pollen are good allies to have a lot more energy. Besides, they increase the levels of testosterone and the capacity to have good orgasms.

-          Strawberries: strawberries have a lot of nutrients that help us stimulate the endocrine glands. They are also of the best to improve the circulation of blood and it, obviously, has its positive effects in sex.  

-          Nuts: another food that we need to have always in mind and in our diet are the nuts. They offer us a good lot of energy as well as they are rich in vitamin B1. This vitamin is the one which makes it easier the connections between the brain and the genitals.

-          Vegetables: all vegetables help us to improve the functions of our body and also to have better relations.  

-          Chicken: chicken is a food that has the capacity to increase the level of dopamine that our body produces. The dopamine is a substance that generates our body to increase the sensibility in the skin. In this case, chicken will help us to feel more and better when having relationships.

Good diet but with all the meals


Our best luxury escorts in Barcelona also warn us about the importance of starting the day with a good breakfast, as well as eating during all the day and never skip any meal. We can reduce the calories we eat or we can go to the gym, but in no case is acceptable to skip meals.

Other aspects that we need to take into account, as a luxury companion tells us, is that we have to avoid some foods that go against our sexual life.

Women need to avoid as much as they can the stress, as it has strong effects on the blood pressure and, at the end, it makes harder to have good sex. Also, it is recommended to eat dishes that are made with olive oil as this helps to improve the circulation of the blood.

Ginseng is another substance that is of the most recommended as it offers us a lot of energy and help us to revitalize our body.

Concerning men, this need to know that one of their worst enemies is cholesterol. Cholesterol has a negative effect on the production of testosterone. On the other side, it is also important to notice that the sexual problems need to be talked with the couple. Keeping it for us will not help in any case.

Garlic and onion are also very recommended to increase the blood flux and improve the quality of sex for men.

Do not miss any of these advices and put them into practice today! Sure your life will improve a lot with the advices that our luxury companions in Barcelona have provided.

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